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22. bis 24. November 2018 Konferenz  Istanbul

Spiritual/Religious Counselling and Care in Prison and Healthcare Services

Second International Congress on Religious-Spiritual Care and Counselling

Religion has contributed to society and individual in variety of areas like psycho-social, cultural, economic, solidarity/cooperation and humanitarian aids etc. It has been a source of inspiration and motivation to mobilize individuals, communities and institutions in order to cooperate, make solidarity, and social and moral support.This international congress, entitled Spiritual Counselling and Care (SCC), emphasizes the human aspects of religious beliefs and moral values; to appreciate the contributions they make to individual and social life, and to raise a popular and academic awareness of the perception of religion that is touched by human life. In this context, it aims particularly to examine the place, role, function and contribution of religion and spirituality in family therapy, in reforming and rehabilitation of inmates in prisons, for being a source of hope and morale to patients in health care services in hospitals, in the formation of moral and motivation in the military, in creating spiritual atmosphere for elderly and disadvantaged groups in social services. It is expected to shed light on the future studies of spiritual and religious counselling and care by taking into account the rapidly developing field of expertise in Turkey from an interdisciplinary perspective at international platform.

VeranstaltungsortIstanbul, Türkei
AnsprechpartnerDr. Georg Wenz
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